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Anthology Wallpaper
Contemporary spaces, sleek finishes, moody metropolitan colours and uncompromising innovation.Anthology’s creative finishes, subtle textures and sophisticated complexity soon caught the eye of interior designers and hotel groups worldwide.
Hi Andrew
Anthology 01 Anthology 02 Anthology 03 Anthology 04 Anthology Definition





Harlequin Wallpaper
Originally founded as a wallpaper company, Harlequin has embraced its heritage by producing breathtaking designer wallpapers in an all-encompassing selection of designs and textures. A master of the flamboyant statement wallpaper, Harlequin also specialises in imaginative finishes, visionary techniques and mouthwatering colours – guaranteed to make your walls a work of art in their own right!
  Harlequin Amilie Harlequin Anoushka Harlequin Anthozoa Harlequin Arkona 
Amazilia Amilie Anoushka  Anthozoa Arkona
 Harlequin Bakari Harlequin Boutique Harlequin Callista Harlequin Delphine Harlequin Folia 
 Bakari  Boutique  Callista  Delphine  Folia
Jardin Boheme Harlequin Juniper Harlequin Kallianthi Harlequin Landscapes Harlequin Leonida
Jardin Boheme Juniper Kallianthi Landscapes Leonida
Harlequin Momentum Vol. 1 Harlequin Momentum Vol. 2 Harlequin Momentum Vol. 3 Harlequin Momentum Vol. 4 Harlequin Orla Kiely
Momentum 1 Momentum 2 Momentum 3 Momentum 4 Orla Kiely
Harlequin Palmetto Harlequin Plains & Structures Harlequin Poetica Harlequin Standing Ovation Harlequin Tresillo
Palmetto Plains & Structures Poetica Standing Ovation Tresillo